Quinn Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jimmy L. Quinn Scholarship Application Available


If you are a student, you have an opportunity to apply for the Dr. Jimmy L. Quinn Scholarship that will be given in the amount of $1,000.  Applications are available in the church office.  The completed applications must be returned to the church by noon on Friday, June 23rd.  The scholarship will be announced on Sunday, July 9th during the morning worship service. 

Our church will emphasize the Dr. Jimmy L. Quinn Memorial Scholarship during the month of June.  However, you may designate a gift to the scholarship in memory or honor of someone at any time during the year.  This is a wonderful way to honor someone and also benefit a student.  Consider giving memorials or honorariums throughout the year. 



History and Background of the Dr. Jimmy L. Quinn Scholarship

Written by Ann Malpass


The Dr. Jimmy L. Quinn Memorial Scholarship was begun by Ann Malpass to honor the memory of a family friend and co-worker who served his God, his church, and his community in an exceptional way.  Jimmy served here at State Street as part-time music minister and as a men’s Bible teacher.  He was enthusiastic in all that he did!  He worked in Lexington School District Two for a number of years. 

Jimmy was born in Pacolet, SC and graduated from high school there.  He served in the US Navy for three years immediately following high school.  None of his family were educated past high school. His life changed drastically when he took his first fulltime job as a research technician for Deering-Milliken Research Corporation.  Just like with all other endeavors, Jimmy put his ALL into his work. His boss saw the potential and encouraged him to go to college.  He invited him to live with his family in Pennsylvania and attend Allegheny College.  Thus, Jimmy began a lifelong quest of knowledge.  He graduated with a B.S. degree in physics and taught in Ohio before returning to SC where he taught science and math at the middle and high school levels, taught statistics and educational research at the college level, did research for the SC State Department of Education, served as a school district administrator, was Minister of Music for a church, and served as the Director of Computer Services at the college and school district levels.  Jimmy received a M.Ed. degree in Secondary School Administration in 1970 and received a Ph.D. in Education Research with a concentration in statistics and the computer in 1980.  At the time of his death (March 28th, 1993), Jimmy was employed by East Educational Services.  One of his greatest accomplishments was developing and computerizing an educational program for grades 3 through adult that is used across the nation to teach reading skills to students. 

Dr. Quinn had a love of music and teaching as well as a passion for learning.  He was a Bible scholar and shared generously with the people with whom he associated – here at State Street as well as other places he served.  The scholarship funds have been growing since 1993.  The first scholarship was given in 2004.  At that time, the funds had grown to allow us to give one scholarship of $1,000.  According to policy, the fund must keep a minimum of $20,000 in it. The number of scholarships given each year is dependent on the amount of money available with at least one given annually.    To date, we have given 56 scholarships of $1,000 each. 

The selection of the recipient is made based on a number of criteria outlined in the application.  A sliding scale of points are given for a personal narrative from the applicant, 2 letters of reference - one from church and one from school, a transcript of academic record,  active involvement in church, income and number in family, and points are given for being a member of State Street. The judging is done by an independent committee of three non-church members who review the applications and rank them. 

As you have opportunity, I’d like to encourage you to give to the Jimmy Quinn Scholarship Fund.  It makes a big difference in the life of these students.  The more that is contributed, the more scholarships we can give.  You may designate a gift to the scholarship in memory or honor of someone at any time during the year.  This is a wonderful way to honor someone and also benefit a student.  You should find the envelopes on the back of the pews!


A Listing of Scholarship Recipients from 2004 to Present:


2004 – Miranda Bennett


2005 – Bobby Boston


2006 – Bobby Baston and Melissa Wenger


2007 – Ashley Price, Gary Driggers, Bobby Baston, Jeffrey Reid, Kathy Rabon,

           Kelly  Rabon


2008 – Braden Sightler, Ross Hutto, Brian McAulay, Jeffrey Reid, Kathy Rabon,

             Matthew Wenger, Ashley Price


2009 – Chad Porter, Kathy Rabon


2010 – Kathy Rabon, Kailey Zeigler, Corrie Corbett DeBruhl, Austin Price


2011 – Emily Jeffcoat, MaryCatherine Driggers, Travis Derrick, Kailey Zeigler,

            Heather Hatfield, Matthew Wenger, Garth Farmer, Braiden Sightler


2012 - Kailey Zeigler, Matthew Wenger, Jack (Jay) L. Sightler, III, Lewis Brent

            Parker, Brandon L. McAulay, Emily Jeffcoat, MaryCatherine Driggers


2013 - Kaitlyn Borders, Amber Alexander, Kailey Zeigler, Brent Parker, Hunter

           Reese, Emily Jeffcoat, Brittany Morris, MaryCatherine Driggers, Jack (Jay)

           Sightler, Katherine Nicole McGee


2014 - Kaitlyn Borders, Emily Katherine Clark, Sydney K. Lyles, Jalynn Elizabeth

           Zeigler, Kailey Ann Zeigler


2015 – Kaitlyn Borders, Anthony Harvey, Jalynn Elizabeth Zeigler






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