A dynamic, diverse, caring family, where each member eagerly celebrates God, introduces His Son, Jesus, to others, grows in faith, intentionally prays, and fulfills community needs.

What does SSBC mean to me...

I’ve attended State Street since birth. I learned about Jesus here, accepted Him as Savior, was baptized, met my husband here, married, and raised my family here. God has richly blessed us and I pray I’ll be able to continue to serve Jesus in this church. The members have loved us through good times and bad.

– Virginia

Fellowship … Best Friends…Loving Congregation… Caring.. Compassion.. My Church – Today-Tomorrow- to the end!

– Frank Cornell

It’s a time to fellowship with other Christians and to learn about God’s word and purpose in my life.  When I was homebound after my hernia surgeries, it really meant a lot to receive a card telling me that the prayer groups on Wednesday night prayed for me as well as the cards and phone calls from my Sunday School Class and other members.  It lets you know that someone loves and cares for you.   That’s what State Street is all about.  That’s what God expects from all of us as Christians.

– Doug Coates

This church is like my extended family.  My Sunday School class is wonderful (Generation class). There is a special relationship among all of us.

– Linda Long

It means I have a warm place to go where I have many brothers and sisters in Christ to study God’s word and fellowship with His believer’s.  I Love it!

– Debra Woolery

State Street is a place where there are supportive caring people. People who genuinely care for their community.  State Street Never leaves you. It is home!

– Rusty

State Street is a church with loving, caring people who enjoy reaching out to the community as they serve Christ.

– Patsy Stegall

I feel State Street has shaped my character and moral standards to a large degree as part of my salvation with God thru a knowledge of Jesus Christ.

– A member of Christ’s Church

State Street is my salvation, life, and happiness.  I have been going to State Street for 30 years.  When I joined I was baptized.  My personality changed.  I am happier and more relaxed.  Our church is the best! I am proud to be a member!

– Gus White

State Street is the focal point of my life.   At State Street I have found friendships that are more like family.  And it is where I found the love of my life.

– Jerry Branton